Terra Weather is a Singapore-based weather technology company established in 2007. We provide high-quality weather forecasts and weather analytics for the world's biggest players in the offshore industry.


Terra Weather developed the Mini Programming Language to provide great flexibility and ease-of-use for app development & prototyping. With its philosophy "Simple enough for children, deep enough for seasoned developers", Mini was created with the belief that everyone is innovative and creative by nature. Terra Weather hopes Mini will help NUS students turn their ideas into actual innovation and career opportunities.

Date_________ Activity
2 Feb–10 Feb IoT Datathon 2017 Registration
6 Feb,
6 –8pm
NUS Industry Sharing Session
Sharing about current IoT technology and data-driven applications during major career seminar organized by NUS Science
11 Feb–14 Feb Project Allocation
Allocation of teams to respective SMEs with problem sets presented
15 Feb–8 Mar,
4pm –7pm
4-week intensive training course about programming, innovation and entrepreneurship

• 15 Feb, 4-7pm, LT31 –Launching of IoT Datathon. Workshops from Nest, Arthur D. Little, McLaughlin IP and Terra Weather about entrepreneurship, design thinking and intellectual property

• 17 Feb, 4-7pm–programming and entrepreneurship workshop

• 20 Feb, 4-7pm, LT 31 –programming and entrepreneurship workshop

• 22 Feb, 4-7pm, LT 31 –programming and entrepreneurship workshop

• 1 Mar, 4-7pm, LT 31 –programming and entrepreneurship workshop

• 3 Mar, 4-7pm, LT 31 –programming and entrepreneurship workshop

• 6 Mar, 4-7pm, LT 28 –programming and entrepreneurship workshop

• 8 Mar, 4-7pm, LT 28 –programming and entrepreneurship workshop
11 Mar Demo Day
Judges from NUS, Terra Weather and IoT Datathon Partners will select the winning solutions. Investors, accelerators, VCs, global consultancy firms and SMEs will also come as audience looking for potential collaborations and talent recruitment
17 Mar,
9am –4pm,
NUS LT27 foyer
Exhibition Day (in conjunction with NUS Faculty of Science Industry Day)
Held in conjunction with NUS Industry Day, the winning teams will receive winning prizes and present their solutions to the public




Are you challenged to build applications to solve real-life problems?


Terra Weather and NUS Faculty of Science are co-organizing IoT Datathon 2017 where students are invited to develop IoT applications to solve real-life problems faced by real companies.


In this Datathon, you will have the opportunity to collaborate first-hand with industry experts to prototype innovative solutions. Along the way, you will also receive constant mentorship about programming concepts applied by professionals. Winners stand the chance to pitch their ideas to angel investors, accelerators and venture capital firms.


Prior knowledge of programming is not necessary to compete in the IoT Datathon 2017. All participants will be given a 4-week intensive training & mentorship sessions, known as Mini Academy, where they will learn programming concepts, application development and data analysis.





  • Predictive Maintenance for Photovoltaic Systems
    Predictive Maintenance for Photovoltaic Systems
  • Predictive Maintenance for Photovoltaic Systems
    Predictive Maintenance for Photovoltaic Systems
    Energetix installs and maintains state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic (PV) systems across Singapore and South East Asia. To ensure photovoltaic systems perform at maximum capacity and reduce maintenance cost, it is essential to minimize occurrence of equipment failure. One approach is to preempt future failure with proactive targeted preventive maintenance.

    Objectives: Participants are challenged to develop predictive maintenance systems by analysing historical failure indicators. The goal is to a real-time data monitoring system and develop an alerting mechanism to warn the technical team of potential equipment failure.
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  • Intelligent Interactive Healthcare Advisory
    Intelligent Interactive Healthcare Advisory
  • Intelligent Interactive Healthcare Advisory
    Intelligent Interactive Healthcare Advisory
    Lotus Eldercare is spearheaded by renowned eldercare specialist, Dr. Tan Jit Seng. Lotus has partnered with multi-national technology companies to develop technology and services to support the ageing population in Singapore, Cambodia and Myanmar.

    For citizens with no medical expertise, it is very difficult to select appropriate healthcare services that they may need. It requires someone well-versed in the medical sector to advise patients and their families about services they would require: how to get maximum benefit out of Singapore's complex health system? Such an intelligent advisory service may help address the congestion at polyclinics and better utilise underused facilities. The difficulty is in the dynamism of datasets involved and heterogeneity of solutions offered.

    Objective: Participants are expected to build an intelligent system (e.g. chat-based / SMS / interactive web, etc) for healthcare advisory taking into account of patient condition. Based on their demographic, financial status, medical history, etc., the system will provide recommendation for daily preventive measures, financial packages and social support information. Participants are required to build a decentralized updating systems to allow third- party healthcare / financial / social support providers to manage their data in the system with minimal effort.
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  • OCR-Based Authentication
    OCR-Based Authentication
  • OCR-Based Authentication
    OCR-Based Authentication
    JK Tech is developing next-generation authentication technology for different medium of use, (e.g. mobile devices, desktop, camera and other devices). There are various authentication methods, one important component being using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract details from scans of passports.

    Objective: Participants are required to develop cloud-based Optical Character Recognition solutions, with a special emphasis on extracting useful information contained in passports.
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  • RecycMed
  • RecycMed
    Lotus Eldercare: In Singapore, there are occasions where home-care patients pass on and the family wants to donate the hospital furniture. There is severe lack of manpower to manage logistics and establish connections to interested parties who need these equipment, resulting in huge amount of wastage.

    Objective: Participants are challenged to develop interactive matchmaking applications to enable resale or recycling of this hospital furniture. This includes valuation / appraisal, logistics, storage for these second-hand equipment.
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Patent Attorney,

McLaughlin IP


Having close to 17 years in the profession, Michael is trained and qualified as a Chartered Patent Attorney (UK) and European Patent Attorney in London. He is widely regarded as a world-centre of excellence for the profession. He founded his own firm in the depths of the global financial crisis and successfully navigated through that, and the company continues to grow.






Terra Weather


Arnold is a graduate of NUS Science (Physics) and CEO of Terra Weather. He will speak on the challenges of innovation and entreneurship, with a focus on Asia. As a longtime entrepreneur himself, he hopes more youth will follow the path he has taken. Attend this talk to be both inspired and informed!




Arthur D. Little


Keisuke is a Manager for Arthur D. Little (ADL) and a core member of ADL’s global TIME (Telecom, Information-Technology, Media, and Electronics) practice at Singapore/Japan office. His main area of consulting work is in designing business strategy, new business entry strategy and technology strategy in the manufacturing, IT and telecom industries. He is experienced in developing IoT business strategy for a major Japanese / Singapore IT Vendor, electronics, trading company and public sector.




Nest Ventures


Emma serves as director for Nest Ventures where she sources and assesses investment opportunities across the fintech, healthtech and smart cities verticals. Post-investment, she works closely with portfolio companies to support their growth in Southeast Asia. She was previously acting as general manager for Nest’s subsidiary, Investable, a first-to-market equity crowdfunding platform in Hong Kong set up to help early stage companies get access to financing through a community of over 800+ accredited investors.

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